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Fan Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)

The RTF has contracted with SBW Consulting to develop the final standard protocol and calculator for fan variable frequency drive (VFD) for estimating fan energy savings.

Current Activities:

October 10, 2012 - Updates to the fan VFD protocol over the past several months have included several refinements to the calcualtor to show best-practice and simplest reliable methods, as well as removing Production Level by Month from the approved list of fan speed determinants. The subcommittee will be meeting in mid October to finalize the protocl for a potential decision at the October RTF meeting.

December 16, 2011 - The fan VFD protocol has been updated from the first draft version presented to the RTF in June 2011.  The calculator specifications have been developed and reviewed by the Subcommittee on December 16.  The Excel file of the calculator is not operational and is for specifications and user interface review.

Most Recent Working Draft Version - 11-29-2012

The most recent working version of this protocol is below:

>> Fan VFD Standard Protocol Markup 11-29-12 (70k Word)

Reference Documents:

Idaho Power Protocol Applicability Matrix (10k Excel)

Fan VFD Standard Protocol Clean.docx 11-16-12 (70k Word)

Fan VFD Standard Protocol Markup.docx 11-16-12 (80k Word)

Simplified M&V Fan VFD Protocol (10/10/12) w/redline (70k Word)

Simplified M&V Fan VFD Calculator Specification (60k Word)

BPA Review of RTF Fan Tool 12-16-11 (30k Word)

Draft Fan VFD Calculator:

Fan VFD Calculator - Blank (10/26/12)

Fan VFD Calculator - Test Data Inputs (10/26/12)

Fan VFD Calculator using pre-post data (Best Practice) (7mb Excel)

Fan VFD Calculator using post only data (Simplest Reliable) (7mb Excel)