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Business Case for End-Use Data Collection

Background - In September 2009, the Council and the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships Regional Evaluation, Measurement, and Verification Forum (EMV Forum) jointly contracted with DNV KEMA to conduct a search for available efficiency measure and/or end-use load data for typical efficiency measures and/or electrical loads for their respective regions.  DNV KEMA developed a detailed comprehensive catalog that identifies available data sets appropriate for the Northwest and the East, respectively.  This catalog includes details associated with each data set to provide analysts a simple method to find data and guidance on how to properly use them. This report, along with the supporting catalog and original statement of work can be found below.

In February 2012, the RTF contracted with DNV KEMA to develop a Business Case for conducting a comprehensive regional end-use and load shape data collection study. This business case was presented at the August and September RTF meetings for feedback and comment and finalized at the October meeting. Final deliverables and supporting documentation can be found below.

Final Business Case for End-Use Data Collection

At its October 2012 meeting, the RTF accepted the final deliverable from DNV KEMA on the Business Case for End-Use Data Collection. The next steps for RTF are to create and circulate a pamphlet to regional and national stakeholders in an effort to begin the dialogue on how to go about collecting end-use data. The RTF will present the findings of the business case to the Council as well as the RTF Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) and help identify who the right entity will be to champion the collection effort.

Final deliverabes for the Business Case are given below.

>> Executive Summary (2.5 mb Word)
>> Technical Appendices (5mb Word)
>> Management Report (2.5 mb Word)

Supporting Documents from 2012 Business Case

>> Statement of Work

>> Project Work Plan

>> Draft End Use Business Case Report (9/25/12)

>> Draft End Use Business Case Appendices (9/25/12)

>> Draft End Use Business Case Report (9/7/12)

>> Load Research Value Calculation report

Documents from 2009 DNV KEMA study

>> Final Report (1.2mb PDF)
>> End-use Catalog (500k Excel)
>> Request for Proposal (50k Word)
>> Statement of Work (90k Word)