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RTF Operative Guidelines

Background - In 2010 the RTF issued two requests for proposals for a Deemed Measure review project and a Standardized Measurement and Verification (M&V) protocols project.  The RTF selected SBW Consulting as the contractor for both projects and subsequently merged two subcommittees into one to provide oversight for both projects.

In 2011, the RTF issued a request for proposals for the development of guideline appendices for Custom Measure Protocols and Program Impact Evaluations. The RTF selected SBW Consulting as the contractor for this project and subsequently tasked SBW with consolidating the custom and program impact evaluation appendices into the main body of the savings guidelines.  The consolidation work product was agreed upon at the August 2012 RTF meeting and completed, along with updated Savings Guidelines, at the December 2012 RTF meeting.

At its October 2012 meeting, the RTF agreed to the concept SBW presented to consolidate all aspects of the guidelines (Savings, Cost & NEB, and Life) into a single volume series along with the development of a roadmap document to aid in Guidelines navigation. Work began on in late 2012 and the effort was completed at the April 16, 2013 RTF meeting.

The final, adopted Operative Guidelines volume can be found below with past document iterations and subcommittee meetings provided below. Additionally, the Past Meetings & Materials section to the right contains the archived materials from the individual Guidelines efforts.

Final Operative Guidelines
Complete Operative Guidelines (Released 2015-12-08) (1mb PDF)

Individual Guidelines (Included in PDF above)

Roadmap (2015-12-08) (532k PDF)
Savings (2015-12-08) (608k PDF)
Costs and Benefits (2015-12-08) (307k PDF)
Lifetime (2015-12-08) (248k PDF)
Supporting Documents (2015-12-08) (88k PDF)

Individual Supporting Documents (newer versions may be available on Supporting Files page)
Research Strategy Template (100k Word)
Research Plan Template v3.0 (130k Word)
Standard Protocol Template v1.0 (110k Word)
Measure Assessment Template v1.1 (1.3mb Excel)
Standard Information Workbook v2.0 (6mb Excel)

 Individual Guidelines revisions
Costs and Benefits Changes Since 2013-04-16
Lifetime Changes Since 2013-04-16
Roadmap Changes Since 2014-06-17
Savings Changes Since 2014-06-17
Supporting Documents Changes Since 2014-06-17
Complete Operative Guidelines (Released 06-17-14) (1mb PDF)
Roadmap (06-17-14) (1.2mb Word)
Savings (06-17-14) (645k Word)
Costs and Benefits (04-16-13) (150k Word)
Lifetime (04-16-13) (130k Word)
Supporting Documents (06-17-14) (145k Word)
Roadmap changes since 04-16-13 revision (1.2mb Word)
Savings changes since 04-16-13 revision (160kb Word)
Draft Roadmap - 06-17-14 (1mb Word)
Draft Savings Guidelines - 06-17-14 (660k Word)
Reviewer comments on 04-23-14 Draft Roadmap and Savings Guidelines (9mb Zip)
Complete Operative Guidelines (Release 04-16-13) (1mb PDF)
Savings (04-16-13) (670k Word)
Costs and Benefits (04-16-13) (150k Word)
Lifetime (04-16-13) (130k Word)
Roadmap (04-16-13) (560k Word)
Draft version of Roadmap and Guidelines - Complete (03-04-13) (1mb PDF)
Draft Savings Guidelines (03-04-13) (750k Word)
Draft Savings Guidelines Markups (03-04-13) (780k Word)
Draft Cost Guidelines (03-04-13) (145k Word)
Draft Lifetime Guidelines (03-04-13) (128k Word)
Draft Roadmap Guidelines (03-04-13) (560k Word)

Supporting Documents
Meeting Minutes - 03-29-13
Draft Provisional Research Plan Template (03-04-13) (100k Word)
Draft Standard Protocol Template (03-04-13) (100k Word)
Draft Measure Assessment Template (03-04-13) (650k Excel)
Draft Standard Information Workbook (03-04-13) (6mb Excel)
Meeting Minutes - 02-22-13
Meeting Minutes - 02-08-13
Meeting Minutes - 01-22-13
Draft version of Roadmap and Guidelines - 1-22-13 (3.8mb Zip)
Draft Measure Assessment Template 1-30-13 (650k Excel)