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Request for Proposals: End Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program (ELCAP) Data Assembly and Conversion

May 23, 2012 - The RTF is seeking a contractor to assemble the various written and digital elements of the End Use Load and Consumer Assessment Program (ELCAP) end use load data together and convert this data into a modern searchable database that can be used by regional utilities and the RTF to evaluate 8,760 end use load shapes.


Request for Proposal (102k PDF)

Draft Statement of Work (88k PDF)

Task 2 Deliverable: Review ELCAP Data Files and Report on Contents (614k PDF)

Task 3 Deliverable: Link ELCAP Data Files and Propose Database Structure (4.5 Mb PDF)

Task 4 Deliverable: Design Data Transfer and Cleaning Process; Present Database Methodology (No Report)