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Next RTF Meeting: June 7, 2005

Northwest Power & Conservation Council
851 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1325
Portland, Oregon


To participate by phone in any of the meetings, please call the Council's central office for the phone-in number.

9:30 AM

Introductions, Announcements & Review of Agenda

  • Review and Approval of meeting minutes for May 17, 2005

  • Set Next meeting date and location - Tentative date - July 19, 2005
9:40 AM Proposed Deemed Savings for Residential Refrigerator Recycling/Decommissioning Programs - Tom Eckman (presentation)
10:15 AM Update on the Field Research Component of Regional Heat Pump Research Project - Bob Davis, Ecotope (presentation)
12:00 NOON Lunch (Order in ? Complete attached link: (Online Deli Order)
1:00 PM Potential Implications for Heat Pump Program of the Findings from Regional Heat Pump Research Project - Dave Baylon, Bob Davis & Shelly Strand, Ecotope (Presentation
     - Can and should the billing analysis results be used to revise estimates of energy savings? 
     - If and how should the installation and commissioning specifications be modified? 
     - What factors determine a heat pump installation's cost-effectiveness and options for identifying cost-effective applications?
3:30 PM Adjourn