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                                                                        January 15, 2003

TO:              RTF Members      
FROM:        Tom Eckman, Chair
SUBJECT:   January 22-23, 2003 Agenda and Meeting Location

Attached are the proposed agenda the next RTF meeting and draft meeting notes from our November 5th meeting for your review. I have scheduled this meeting for 1 1/2 days so that we have sufficient time to discuss modifications to several of the RTS program specifications and to review and adopt the ?PTCS? heat pump installation and duct sealing specifications and ?Bright Way? solar water heating specifications. If you cannot attend the meeting in person, but wish to participate by phone the teleconference number please call in 1-800-452-5161.

Specifications and backup material will be posted on the RTF's web site later this week. However, some of meeting materials may not be available for review until the morning of the meeting, so please watch your e-mail for notification of their posting on the RTF's web site.