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Information Technology Subcommittee

Background: The IT Subcommittee reengaged in August 2015 to review a Data Center Airflow Management Calculator. The calculator was created by CLEAResult under the direction of Seattle City Light and with funding from Bonneville.

The calculator estimates annual energy and peak power demand savings for small data center airflow projects based on existing, proposed, and “as implemented” parameter. The calculator uses hourly climate data, cooling load, and HVAC system performance data to develop an “Existing” HVAC annual total energy usage (kWh) and peak power (kW) demand estimate. Small data centers are defined as facilities with 50 to 750 kW of IT equipment, deployed in racks with average power densities between 2 and 5 kW per rack. The calculator should not be used for rack power densities over 10 kW.

Data Center Airflow Management Calculator