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Grocery Refrigeration Subcommittee

The Grocery Refrigeration subcommittee is tasked with obtaining approval from the RTF for proposed revisions to PECI's GrocerSmart© energy simulation and modeling software, previously approved by the RTF in 2006. GrocerSmart© permits quick audits of the major electromechanical and mechanical systems of commercial retail refrigeration equipped facilities and provides potential energy savings.

The Grocery subcommitee also is tasked with discussing technical issues related to the UES measures developed using the GrocerSmart© software.

Final Draft Provisional Refrigeration Systems Protocol - 7/18/11

The Grocery Subcommittee met on July 13 to discuss the final preparation of the provisional protocol for GrocerSmart 4.0.  The documents are a provisional protocol for estimating savings from grocery refrigeration measures and an associated research plan. The documents were developed by Portland Energy Conservation Incorporated (PECI) with guidance from the subcommittee and RTF staff. 

  • Standard Savings Estimation Protocol - Refrigeration Systems:  Clean | Redline
  • Plan to Implement Standard Savings Protocol - Refrigeration Systems:  Clean | Redline

Questions? Call or email subcommittee chair Charlie Grist - 503.222.5161, cgrist@nwcouncil.org.