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Proposal to Amend Regional Technical Forum
Recommendations or Criteria

In order to properly evaluate your proposed amendment, the Regional Technical Forum needs the following information from you.  Click the Submit button at the bottom of this form to initiate the proposal evaluation process.

Required Information:
Phone FAX

Sponsorship (Required)
Proposals for amendments must be sponsored by at least one party eligible for Bonneville's 
Conservation and Renewable Rate Discount
(utilities and Direct Service Customers) or a member of the RTF.  
List sponsor(s) for this proposal:

Amendment of list of eligible measures, technology or practice
Give a general description of the measure, technology or practice and how it saves electricity.

Explain how the measure, technology or practice satisfies the criteria for inclusion to the list.

(Required) To what sector, end-use and category in Appendix E does this measure belong? 

1. Choose a sector (changes in this text box will affect the next box below)
2. Choose an end-use (changes in this text box will affect the next box below)
3. Examine the list of measures below, then enter the numeric value here:

Is there sufficient information on the measure, technology or practice to "deem" savings, or to specify a calculation method for "deemable" savings (See page 7, RTF recommendations above)? 
If not, describe the proposed standardized protocol for establishing savings:

Are you proposing that the RTF establish a deemed calculation method for estimating savings or output? If so, describe the proposed deemed calculation method: YesNo

Are you proposing that the RTF establish deemed savings for this measure, technology or practice? If so, explain how it satisfies the criteria for listing as a deemed measure: YesNo

Is any information proprietary? (RTF and staff can sign nondisclosure agreements) YesNo

Amendment of Methods for Estimating Measures' 
Savings or Values
Protocols: Are you proposing a new protocol or a revision of an existing protocol? If existing, specify the protocol in Appendix P (125kb Word) to be revised.


What is the rationale for the proposed change (e.g. simpler process to obtain equally useful information,
expanded process to remedy deficient information)?

Are you are proposing an amendment to assumptions? If so, describe the modified assumptions, considering these questions:
  1. What estimates or protocols will be affected?
  2. Present evidence that the proposed assumption more realistically approximates reality
  3. If possible, give examples of recalculated values.

Are you are proposing an amendment to the Forum’s analytical methods? If so, give the rationale for the superiority of a proposed change, compared to the current method: YesNo

Amendment of Screening Criteria for Eligible Measures and Criteria for the Evaluation of Research, Development and Demonstration Activities
Describe the proposed change in criteria, and the rationale for the change: