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RTF Meeting:  Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Northwest Power & Conservation Council
851 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1100
Portland, Oregon

Conference line: 1.800.786.1922, code 96548831#
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Introductions, Review, and Adopt Agenda, Minutes, and Decisions [Decision - Adopt Agenda & Minutes]
9:15 am Lighting Standard Protocol - First Look- David Reynolds (ERS Consulting), Mark Kendall
>> Draft Protocol
>> Draft Calculator
>> Reference Data
[Presentation, Review]
11:15 am Break
11:30 am Phase I UES Measure Review - Decision on assignment of the 42 measure categories - Mike Baker (SBW), Adam Hadley
>> Determining Status of Legacy Measures
>> Assigning Categories
[Presentation, Review, Decision]
12:00 pm Lunch - Complete this Online Deli Order (RTF Members and Corresponding Members only)
12:30 pm Deactivation of Commercial - New Construction - Energy Smart Design Small Office UES Measure and Residential Smart Plug Power Strips - Adam Hadley
[Presentation, Decision]
12:45 pm Guidelines Structure - Proposal for Consolidating the Three Sets of Guidelines - Adam Hadley, Mike Baker (SBW)
[Presentation, Decision]
1:15 pm Update on Small/Rural Subcommittee Work - Eugene Rosolie (Cowlitz PUD)
1:30 pm Small Saver Review Process - Nick O'Neil
[Presentation, Review]
2:00 pm Break
2:15 pm Draft RBSA Metering Results - Lucinda Gilman (Ecotope), Nick O'Neil
[Presentation, Review]
3:15 pm Staff Updates, Member Participation, and Next Meeting Agenda Items - Tom Eckman
>> Member Solicitation for 2013-2015
[Review, Advise]
3:35 pm Adjourn
Tentative Future Agenda Items
  • Savings Guidelines - Combine Main Body, App D, and App E; implement decisions from June RTF meeting
  • Fan VFD Protocol
  • End-Use Business Case Draft Review
  • Lighting Standard Protocol - Decision
  • RTF Petition Page
  • Green Pumps
  • Variable Speed Heat Pump - Provisional
  • DHPs in Manufactured Homes
  • LED Street and Area Lighting
  • Savings shape data and documentation
  • Green Motors
  • Review Results of MF Calibration
  • CVR Protocol #1
  • PTCS Commissioning, Controls & Sizing SF
  • Residential Single Family SEEM 94 Calibration & Ventilation/Air Sealing Analysis
  • Residential Single Family Measures
  • Multifamily New Construction UES Measure
  • RTU provisional for heat pumps data
  • Guidelines Consolidation - Savings, Cost, and EUL
  • Residential Power Strip
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