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RTF Meeting:  Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Northwest Power & Conservation Council
851 SW 6th Avenue, Suite 1100
Portland, Oregon

Conference line: 1.800.786.1922, code 96548831#
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9:30 am Introductions, Review, and Adopt Agenda, Minutes, and Decisions [Decision - Adopt Agenda & Minutes]
9:45 am Measure Cost and Non-Energy Benefits Guidelines - Ryan Firestone (Navigant), Adam Hadley
>> Subcommittee-approved draft guidelines | Summary | Checklist
[Presentation, First Review]
10:45 am Break
11:00 am Measure Cost and Non-Energy Benefits Guidelines (cont.) - Adam Hadley
[Presentation, Decision on budget increase proposal (190k Word)]
11:30 am Multifamily Heating Energy Use Calibration
[Presentation, Review, Decision]
12:00 pm Lunch - Complete this Online Deli Order (RTF Members and Corresponding Members only)
12:30 pm RTF Work Plan for Small/Rural Utilities - Adam Hadley
>> Final contractor report (2.5mb PDF)
>> RTF staff-proposed response to recommendations (20k Excel)
[Review, Decision]
1:15 pm Guidelines for Custom Protocols and Program Impact Evaluations - Project Work Plan - Mike Baker (SBW), Adam Hadley
[Presentation, Review]
2:15 pm Break
2:30 pm Manufactured Housing Weatherization UES - Adam Hadley
>> Measure workbook (2mb Excel)
>> SEEM run (30mb Excel)
[Presentation, Review, Decision]
3:00 pm Review Staff-Proposed 2012 Work Plan Adjustments - Charlie Grist
>> Reassign work plan funds to complete UES measure recommendations memos
[Decision to forward to Council, RTF PAC]
3:30 pm Review 2012 Statements of Work - Tom Eckman
>> Complete Phase I UES Measure Review
>> ProCost Updates
>> Convert RTF Load Shapes to 8,760
>> ELCAP Database Development
[Presentation, Decision to Authorize Funds]
4:00 pm Committee, Contract, and Staff Work Updates - Tom Eckman
[Review, Advise]
4:15 pm Review Upcoming Meeting Agenda Items
[Review, Advise]
4:25 pm Adjourn

Tentative February 14 Agenda Items
  • Review:  Multifamily SEEM Calibration Results
  • Review, Decision:  RTUG Specifications and Calculator
  • Review:  Agricultural VFD measures (BPA)
  • Review, Decision:  Fan VFD Standard Protocol and Calculator
  • Review, Decision:  Automated CVR Standard Protocol
  • Decision:  Measure Cost and Non-Energy Benefits Guidelines
  • Decision:  Measure Life Guidelines

Tenative March 13 Agenda Items

  • Holiday LEDs Deactivate
  • Residential Heating/Cooling - Room Air Conditioners Deactivate
  • Review Draft Guidelines for Custom Protocols and Program Impact Evaluation
  • Review:  Regional End-Use Load Study Business Case
  • Review:  Energy Charting and Metrics (ECAM) Tool
  • Review:  UES Measure Recommendations - First Review Straw Vote

Tentative April 17 Agenda Items

  • Decision on Guidelines for Custom Protocols and Program Impact Evaluation
  • Review:  Standard Protocol for Lighting
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