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2011 Utility Conservation Achievements Report

September 2012

This survey reports on conservation savings and expenditures by utilities, public benefits charge administrators (e.g., the Energy Trust of Oregon) and other agencies in the region in 2011. These entities were also asked to report their conservation savings and expenditures for 2011 and projections for 2012-2014. Not all utilities have reported their savings and expenditures. The RTF has not independently verified the reported savings and expenditures.

In aggregate, the region acquired 277 average megawatts of savings in 2011, far exceeding the Sixth Power Plan's target of 220 average megawatts for the year. The Sixth Plan's five year conservation target for 2010-2014 is 1,200 average megawatts.

The fiscal year/calendar year 2011 survey represents the activities of 92 utilities (see individual reports below)serving over ninety percent of the region’s retail electricity sales. 


In 1996, the steering committee of the Comprehensive Review of the Northwest Energy System recommended that the Regional Technical Forum (RTF) track progress in meeting conservation and renewable energy goals.

Every year the RTF conducts a survey of the region's utilities to report their conservation achievements.

No effort has been made to evaluate the methodology used by the utilities in calculating their savings, nor was a particular accounting method specified for reporting costs. As a result, the cost and energy savings attributed to measures by individual utilities are based on their own accounting practices and energy savings estimates.